About Us

For 21 years, MegaWatSoft has been at the forefront of engineering and scientific software for calculations involving computational thermodynamics. Our software has a goal of providing powerful and cost-effective software based tools for the scientist, engineer and student for calculating the thermodynamic and transport properties of fluids.

MegaWatSoft is specializing in the development of desktop and web engineering components and applications for Microsoft® Windows. We are trying to make top quality software, because the customer satisfaction is our first priority goal.

We do our best to provide users with access to the best engineering applications, and help developers to incorporate into their applications the most advanced engineering components available on the market today.

Custom Development

We can develop custom software specially tailored for your organization needs, so that it can accommodate your particular preferences and expectations. It can be done quickly and with top-notch quality designed to meet your requirements.

Development platforms include Windows desktop and Rich Web applications.

Core areas of expertise and development:

  • Complex calculation engines.
  • Interactive scientific charts.
  • Conversion of Desktop WinForms applications to Web applications.
  • Instrumentation gauges.
  • Visual process modelling (drag and drop editors).
  • Custom Excel Add-In development.
  • Databases (SQL or no-SQL).
  • Parallel programming for multi-core processors.
  • modern user interface.

For more information contact us at sales@megawatsoft.com.